Dialysis Centre Etropal Beta

Nessebar, Bulgaria

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“Dialysis Etropal Beta” works with apparatus Gambro AK200 Ultra S, Nikkiso DBB-05,Braun, that provide the possibility of a controlled ultrafiltration and regulation of the length for dialysis, thanks to its system for preparation it can produce almost infinite ammounts of bacteria and pyrogen free fluid. High quality dialysis concentrate and dry bicarbonate, and a system for advance water treatment (reverse osmosis) are being used. The equipement of the dialysis center allows:

  • Bicarbonate dialysis with a single needle;
  • Separate accommodation for patients with hepatitis B and C (patients with AIDS are not allowed);
  • Only disposable accessories are used;
  • Constant continuous ambulatory dialysis;
  • Laboratory – controlling the saturation of the blood, of the blood sugars, electrolytes, hemoglobin;

In close proximity to the center there is a medical biochemical lab, x-ray and center for emergency medical aid.

Снимки на оборудването в центъра